10/14/2018 AM “Deliver Me From the Devil” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
10/14/2018 PM “Salvation Draws a Line” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
10/07/2018 AM “How to Live with a Lion on the Prowl” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
10/07/2018 PM “A Word from Man, a Word from God” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/30/2018 AM “Deliver Me From the Flesh {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/30/2018 PM “Refuge from Wrath” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/23/2018 AM “Deliver Me from the World”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/23/2018 PM “An Open Letter to the System” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/16/2018 AM “How Forgiveness Works” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/16/2018 PM “The King of the Earth” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/09/2018 AM “Learning for Living” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/02/2018 AM “The Gospel, an Urgent Matter” {Keith Hoekstra}
09/02/2018 PM “One Two Letter Word”
08/26/2018 AM “A Foolish Farmer” {Rev Wick Hubers}
08/26/2018 PM “The World and the Word” {Nathan Nieuwendorp}
08/19/2018 AM “Our Forgiveness and God’s” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
08/19/2018 PM “Making God Laugh” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
08/12/2018 AM “O God, Why Me?” Habakkuk 1:1-13 {Rev Dave Smit}
08/12/2018 PM “Do You Struggle with Prayer-Some Resolve!”  Psalm 9:7-10 {Rev Joel DeBoer}
08/05/2018 AM “Forgive Us Our Debts” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
07/29/2018 AM “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
07/29/2018 PM “Rebellion Full of Sound and Fury Signifying Nothing” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
07/22/2018 AM “Your Will be Done” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
07/22/2018 PM “The End of the Roads” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
07/15/2018 AM “Your Kingdom Come” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
07/15/2018 PM “To Age is Christ; to Die is Gain” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
07/08/2018 AM “Hallowed by Your Name” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
07/08/2018 PM “Chaff in the Wind” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
07/01/2018 AM “Our Father in Heaven” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
06/24/2018 AM “Teach Us to Pray” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
06/24/2018 PM “A Life that Matters” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
06/17/2018 AM “Let the Little Children Come to Me” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
06/17/2018 PM “Sweeter Than Honey” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
06/10/2018 AM “What Could Be” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
06/10/2018 PM “Beyond the Good Life” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
06/03/2018 AM “Moses’ Doubt and God’s Miracles” {Rev John Klompien}
06/30/2018 PM “Knowing God” {Rev Adam Eisenga}
05/27/2018 AM “The Goodness of God’s Wrath” {Nathan Nieuwendorp}
05/27/2018 PM “By Word and Spirit” {Nathan Nieuwendorp}
05/20/2018 AM “Strength From on High” {Rick Rozeboom}
05/20/2018 PM “Does God Forget His Promises?” {Rick Rozeboom}
05/13/2018 AM “Living Up to Expectations” {Gale Tien}
05/13/2018 PM “The Communion of Saints” {Gale Tien}
05/06/2018 AM “A Profound Mystery” {Nathan Nieuwendorp}
05/06/2018 PM “The Household of God” {Nathan Nieuwendorp}
04/30/2018 PM “Amazing Grace” {Barry Miedema}
4/22/2018 AM “Remember” {Pastor Carl Klompien}
04/22/2018 PM “Living with Resurrection in Our Souls” {Pastor Carl Klompien}
04/15/2018 “To God Be the Glory” (Pastor Jerry Buwalda)
04/08/2018 AM  “Do This and You Will Live” (Dr Jon Kok)