4/22/2018 "Remember" {Pastor Carl Klompien}

04/15/2018 "To God Be the Glory" (Pastor Jerry Buwalda)

04/08/2018 AM  "Do This and You Will Live" (Dr Jon Kok)

04/01/2018 PM "Imitating God" (Pastor Jerry Buwalda)

04/01/2018 AM - "Christ Arose!" (Pastor Jerry Buwalda)

03/29/2018 - "When Darkness Comes"  (Pastor Dave Heilman)

03/25/2018 AM "A Palm Sunday Question: Who is This Jesus?" (Pastor Bernie Haan)

03-18-2018 AM "Our Great God and Our High Calling" (Gale Tien)

03/18/2018 PM "An Emotional Roller Coaster Ride" (Gale Tien)

03-11-2018 AM "Love is the Answer" (Rick Rozeboom)

03-11-2018 PM "Won't You be My Neighbor" (Barry Miedema)

03-04-2018 AM "Taking Advice" (Gale Tien)

03-04-2018 PM "A Spiritual Check-Up" (Gale Tien)

02-25-18 AM "What Baptism is All About" (Rev Bernie Haan)

02-25-18 PM "Coming Alongside" (Rev Bernie Haan)

02-18-2018 AM "Surely Not !?" (Wick Hubers)

02-18-2018 PM "Appear" (Wick Hubers)

02-11-2018 AM "A Compelling Vision" (Nathan Nieuwendorp)

02-11-2018 PM "Whose Image is This?" (Nathan Nieuwendorp)

02-04-2018 AM "The Wedding Supper of the Lamb" (Rev Dave Heilman)

02-04-2018 PM "Reasons to Believe" (Rev Adam Eisenga)

01-28-2018 AM "Our Alternative Lifestyle" (Rev Adam Eisenga)

01-28-2018 PM "Green & Leafy Worship" (Rev Adam Eisenga)

01-21-2018 AM "The Compelling Cross" (Rev Jack Grey)

01-21-2018 PM "Get Out of the Boat" (Rev Jack Grey)

01-14-2018 AM "An Inwood Sunrise" (Rev Jack Grey)

01-14-2018 PM "On Beyond Vision" (Rev Jack Grey)

01-07-18 "Amen to 2017" (Rev Jack Grey)