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08/02/2020  “God’s Last Word for These Last Days”  {Rev Duane Tinklenberg”
08/02/2020  “Jesus is Superior Even Over Angels”  {Rev Duane Tinklenberg”
07/26/2020  “The Questionable Life”  {Rev Joel De Boer}
07/26/2020  “The Questionable Life – Anoint (Bless) Others”  {Rev Joel De Boer}

07/19/2020 AM  “Expectations and Promises”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}

07/19/2020 PM  “So… this the end of the world?”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
07/12/2020 AM  “The Marks of Friendship (Part 2)”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
07/05/2020 AM  “Obligations and Promises”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
06/28/2020 AM  “Tied Together in Christ”  {Rev  Bernie Haan}
06/28/2020 PM  “Long Live the King!”  {Rev Bernie Haan}
06/21/2020 AM  “Blessed Are the Meek?!  {Rev Bernie Haan}
06/21/2020 PM  “The Sufferer’s Cry”  {Rev Bernie Haan}
06/14/2020 AM  “Help Not Wanted”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
06/14/2020 PM  “When You’re Itching for a Fight”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
06/07/2020 AM  “Marks of Friendship”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
06/07/2020 PM  “Praying and Politics”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
05/31/2020 AM  “The Relationship of Faith”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
05/31/2020 PM  “Senseless Worries”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
05/24/2020 AM  “Give Me an Undivided Heart”  {Rev Dan De Groot}
05/24/2020 PM  “For Such a Time as This”  {Rev Dan De Groot}
05/17/2020 AM  “The Promises of God vs the Power of the World”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
05/17/2020 PM  “Necessary Precautions”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
05/10/2020 AM  “The Way Forward”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
05/10/2020 PM  “Nothing?  Nothing!”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
05/03/2020 AM  “The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
05/03/2020 PM  “Court is now in Session”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
04/26/2020 AM  “Faith like Abram”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
04/26/2020 PM  “God is for Us”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
04/19/2020 AM  “Out of Ur, Into Grace”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
04/19/2020 PM  “All Things? All Things.”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
04/12/2020 AM  “The Risen Shepherd of the Sheep”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
04/12/2020 PM  “Our Times are in His Hands”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
04/09/2020 Maundy Thursday  “The End of the Parade”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
04/05/2020 AM  “A Time to Pray”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
04/05/2020 PM  “Jesus on Parade”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}