How Can I Get Involved?
Everything we do at Inwood CRC is based on Jesus’ commands to love one another and make disciples. We encourage our members to get involved in the work of the church. We also encourage our members to obey Jesus’ commands in their own ways, wherever they may be.
  • Households of Faith

Our church is divided into smaller groups which we call “Households of Faith.” These are what you might consider care groups. When someone is going through an especially difficult or busy time of life their household of faith steps in to help. This might include making meals, offering rides or babysitting their children. It also includes prayer and encouragement. Each member of our church is included in a household of faith.

  • Missions 

As we seek to fulfill Jesus’ command to tell the world about him we realize that not everyone is able to be a full-time missionary. However, as a church we can pool our resources together to support the work of full-time missionaries. We support missionaries in Japan, Dominican Republic, Romania, Mali and New Guinea. Plus many members support more missionaries through personal donations.

Further, we realize that each of us is called to be a missionary right where we are, in the places we live, work and relax.

  • Youth Ministry

We have many youth ministries at Inwood CRC including Sunday School, Children and Worship, GEMS and Cadets, and The Edge. All of these programs require responsible adults who can work with kids. If you would like to be involved in any of these programs please talk to Pastor Adam.

  • Worship
Worship planning and leading is another important way you can serve. If you are confident to help lead worship by playing an instrument, singing, reading or speaking, running sound or video equipment there is always room for you! We also have a worship committee which helps plan and organize worship services.
  • Community Service

An important part of our worship is the moment when we are sent out to love and serve the Lord. This includes organized service opportunities like mission and work trips, roofing a house or cleaning trash. It also includes serving others in our daily living. We take the commands of Jesus seriously, which tell us to love God and love others. These opportunities are usually listed in our weekly bulletin.