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01/17/2021 AM  “Sin Carries Sad Consequences”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
01/17/2021 PM  “The Days of Jeremiah: Foreign and Familiar”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
01/10/2021 AM “Hide and Seek”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
01/10/2021 PM “Hell (Part Two)”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
01/03/2021  “Where it All Went Wrong”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
01/03/2021 PM  “Hell (Part One)”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
12/31/2020  “Job’s Despair”  “Nathan Nieuwendorp”
12/27/2020 AM  “Christmas Leftovers”  {Rev Jason Wiersma}
12/27/2020 PM  “It’s Been a Year (But there is Hope)”  {Rev Wick Hubers”
12/25/2020 Christmas Service  “Born of a Virgin – Fully Human”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
12/20/2020 AM  “The Virgin Birth – the Creeds”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
12/20/2020 PM  “The Old and New of Christmas”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
12/13/2020 AM  “The Husband of the Virgin”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
12/13/2020 PM  “The Virgin Birth-Fully God”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
12/06/2020 AM  “You Become Like What You Worship”  {Nathan Nieuwendorp}
12/06/2020 PM  “Wholesome Thinking About the Day of the Lord”  {Rev LeRoy Christoffels}
11/29/2020 AM  “Keeping Watch”  {Rev Bernie Haan}
11/29/2020 PM  “The Ultimate What, Why and Who of Life”  {Rev Bernie Haan}
11/26/2020 Thanksgiving Service “Remembering God”  [Rev Adam Eisenga}
11/22/2020 AM  “The Virgin Birth Announced”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
11/22/2020 PM  “Heaven – Part Two”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
11/15/2020 AM  “Death and the Promises”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
11/08/2020 PM  “Heaven – Part One”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
11/08/2020 AM  “The Line of Promise”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
11/08/2020 PM  “The After Life”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
11/01/2020 AM  “Grief and the Promises”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
11/01/2020 PM  “The Demonic”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}