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01/23/2022 AM  “Paradise Reenacted”  {Rev Duane Tinklenberg
02/23/2022 PM  “Blindness and Sight”  {Rev Roger Bouwman}
01/16/2022 AM  “In Times of Trouble”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
01/16/2022 PM  “The Written Word of God”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
01/09/2022 AM  “Walking the Walk”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
01/09/22 PM  “How we Know God”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
01/02/2022 AM  “Checklist for 2022”  {Rev Bernie Haan}
01/22/2022 PM  “The Shout of Faith”  {Rev Bernie Haan}
12/31/2021   “The Brevity of Man”  {Nathan Nieuwendorp}
12/26/2021 AM  “Waiting for Jesus”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
12/26/2021 PM  “The Only God-Part 3”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
12/25/2021 “The Servant’s Story”  {Rev Adam Eisenga
12/19/2021 AM  “The Servant’s Success and Attraction”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
12/19/2021 PM  “Beauty for Ashes”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
12/12/2021 AM  }The Shame and Glory of the Servant”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
12/21/2021 PM  “The Only God-Part 2”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
12/05/2021 AM  “The Servant’s Hope”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
12/05/2021 PM  “The Only God-Part 1”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}