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10/10/2021 AM  “What’s He Doing Now”  {Rev Dave Smit}
10/10/2021 PM  “Living Between Grace and Glory”  {Rev Tim Ouwinga}
10/03/2021 AM  “Imitating Christ”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
10/03/2021 PM  “God-Given Wisdom in God’s World”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/26/2021 AM  “Seeking the Spirit”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/26/2021 PM  “The Beginning of Wisdom”  {Rev Kurt Monroe}
09/19/2021 AM  “Knowing God”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/19/2021 PM  “Vengeance on Babylon, Justice for God’s People”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/12/2021 AM  “Learn and Keep Learning”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/12/2021 PM  “Bound and Determined to Die”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/05/2021 AM  “A Prayer for God’s People”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/05/2021 PM  “Can it Get Worse?”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}