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10/18/2020 AM  “Testing the Promises”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
10/18/2020 PM  “The Angelic, Part Two”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
10/11/2020 AM  “Taking the Lord’s Supper in a Worthy Manner”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
10/11/2020 PM  “The Angelic, Part One”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
10/04/2020 AM  “What does the Word mean?”  {Keith Hoekstra}
10/04/2020 PM  “Pleasing in God’s Sight”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/27/2020 AM  “The Ups and Downs of the Promises”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/27/2020 PM  “Consequences Ahead and Now”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/20/2020 AM  “Rejecting the Way of Promise”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/20/2020 PM  “A Psalm of Ascents – A Song of Unity”  {Rev Kurt Monroe}
09/13/2020 AM  “I Can’t Believe it Happened! It Finally Happened!”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/13/2020 PM  “More Precious than Gold, Sweeter than Honey”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
09/06/2020 AM  “The Lord Delights in You”  {Dr Jason Leaf}
09/06/2020 PM  “The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men Again”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
08/30/2020 AM  “Entering the Confidence of the Judge of All the Earth”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
08/30/020 PM  “What the Word is, What the Word does
08/23/2020 AM  “God in Disguise”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
08/23/2020 PM  “Creation is Quite Chatty”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
08/16/2020 AM  “Simple Obedience and the Plan of God”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
08/16/2020 PM  “End Times Prep”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
08/09/2020 AM  “Freedom for the Prisoner”  {Rev Jason Wiersma}
08/09/2020 PM  “Persevering in Prayer”  {Natan Nieuwendorp}
08/02/2020 AM  “God’s Last Word for These Last Days”  {Rev Duane Tinklenberg”
08/02/2020 PM  “Jesus is Superior Even Over Angels”  {Rev Duane Tinklenberg”
07/26/2020 AM  “The Questionable Life”  {Rev Joel De Boer}
07/26/2020 PM  “The Questionable Life – Anoint (Bless) Others”  {Rev Joel De Boer}M

07/19/2020 AM  “Expectations and Promises”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}

07/19/2020 PM  “So… this the end of the world?”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
07/12/2020 AM  “The Marks of Friendship (Part 2)”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}
07/05/2020 AM  “Obligations and Promises”  {Rev Adam Eisenga}