Knowing God, Seeking the Spirit, Imitating Christ
As our name states, we are part of a denomination called the Christian Reformed Church in North America. To be Christian Reformed means three things. First, we need to recognize our sin. Each of us has experienced the brokenness and messiness of life, much of that caused by ourselves. In theological terms we call that “sin.” Admitting that we cannot fix our lives or our world by ourselves, and that we need to be rescued from sin, is the first step to becoming a Christian. Second, we need Jesus. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the central part of God’s rescue mission. Through Jesus, God took the terrible consequences of sin on himself. Through Jesus, God reconciled the world to himself. Through Jesus, God offers us freedom from sin. Through Jesus, God will someday make all things new and set all things right. Finally, we dedicate our lives to saying “Thank you” to God. This means not only Sunday worship, but turning away from sinful and broken lifestyles to live according to biblical principles. We don’t always do this perfectly, but then again, that’s why we need Jesus. For more on what it means to be Christian Reformed please take a look at our denomination’s website.